How to get out of your car with less difficulties

Getting out of a car is typically harder than getting out of a chair for 2 reasons. First, the car seat slops back and you have to scoot up hill just to swing your legs out. Second, the rim of the car is blocking your feet from sliding back so you can stand up. Here are some options:

A wedge seat cushion can help to level out the slope. Choosing a cushion with a vinyl type of fabric and a dense foam to make sliding in and out easier. Avoid memory foam since it will make scooting more difficult. Sitting higher will also make it easier to stand up unless you have a vehicle with high seating.

I recently found an ideal wedge cushion made with a dense foam and vinyl cover. It’s called a ‘Slant cushion’ by Duro Med Industries item # 513-8062-0323. It is hard to find this cushion in a store but can be ordered through Briggs 1-800-247-2343. It’s about $25.00.

Another device is called the ‘handybar’ which is a handle that slides into the latch of the car door and can be used like an ‘arm rest’ when getting out of the car. Take a look at the link under transfer devices for the handybar to see a video demonstration.

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